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5 Creative Ways To Remember Your Pet.

January 17, 2022

Pink Poster personalized Pet Portrait Memorial review from Gina


I fully understand the pain. I miss my beloved Mimosa every single day...

Ever jokingly (or not) said you prefer pets to humans? Well, you’re not alone in that sentiment. When the world is just too much, who's always happy to see you and up for a cuddle on the couch?

My lovely dog Mimosa didn’t care that I'd been wearing the same sweatpants for days. She just wanted to be in my arms or sit beside me in silent bliss.

The comfort we get from our pets is priceless. That’s why we gladly go into debt to save them from pain or illness. But eventually they lose their battles... as their lives are unfortunately much shorter than ours.

In an ever stressful environment the comfort we get from our pets is priceless. That’s why we gladly go into debt to save them from pain or illness. But eventually they lose their battles... as their lives are unfortunately much shorter than ours.  

Needless to say it’s devastating to lose your pet. Not everyone will understand, but here at  Pink Poster  we certainly do. 

Here are 5 creative ways to honor and remember your feline, canine (or any other species) friend. 

If you know someone who is going through pet bereavement consider suggesting some of the following activities. They may appreciate your desire to share in their grief instead of sweeping it under the rug. Sadly, many pet lovers have experienced this - even from well meaning family and friends.  

cute little heart shaped with paws


Go on a mindful memorial walk.

If huskies were made to run, humans were made to walk. Walking in nature makes us feel calmer and clearer. So why not take your bipedal self outdoors? You could even revisit the places your pet loved. Mindfully notice the natural beauty around you. Your furbaby formed part of that. And so do you. Take some time to be in the moment. Allow the sublime to make an appearance. If you’ve ever experienced the benefits of nature walking or mindful yoga - this practice could do wonders for your mindset during the grief process. Set your “memorial walk” dates in a calendar and make it official. Think of it as screen free time to quietly celebrate your pet’s life. Because obsessively scrolling pictures can only do so much. So put your phone away, get out there and  feel. You might find yourself smiling again. 


Create a piece of art.


Stone painted name

This is a more traditional way of remembering a pet but it doesn’t have to cost much at all. If you’re a creative type, making a simple art piece to commemorate your pet could be extremely cathartic. For example, you could find a smooth stone to paint and place it in your garden, home, or somewhere in nature your pet loved. Making a small wooden structure (or plaque) and engraving it; is a pretty good idea too. If there are kids in the family, this is a great way to get them involved in something actionable and purposeful around the death of a furry friend. 


Make a pet book.

Do you journal or sketch? Love photobooks or all things scrapbooking? Then putting pen to paper could help you grieve. Actually, writing has long been suggested by therapists everywhere as a wonderful way to express yourself during a difficult time. In addition to being extremely healing. Writing relieves over thinking and clarifies your mind. Jot down stories, thoughts... even regrets. Anything goes. If you're a visual person; sketches, collage or simply paste your favorite photos into a designated scrapbook or photobook. Add to your book as often as you like and soon you'll have an original “art book'' that celebrates your pet's life. Share with friends and family those special furbaby moments. Flip though and smile. 


Plant a tree or flower bed. 

Do you have a green thumb? Then why not nurture another life form in your furbabies honor? Getting outside will do you a world of good and like many sensitive souls drawn to animals - taking care of a newfriend could feel quite fulfilling. Not to mention the beauty you’ll create. Whether it’s in your own garden, community garden... or maybe you’ll decide to take up  guerilla gardening (yes, that’s a thing). By planting a tree, herb or flower bed - you’ll have a special spot to visit when you're feeling blue. 


Connect with others. 

When folks in your immediate environment don’t quite  get it, you can always go online. Other people grieving their pets are just a few clicks away. A quick search on Facebook using the words “pet bereavement support” will supply you with dozens of groups from all around the world. Connecting with others, telling your story and even  giving emotional support can be extremely cathartic when you feel alone and misunderstood. 

Pink Poster custom dog portrait for pet memorial


Losing a pet can be a difficult (and even  isolating) process. Because there aren't many widely accepted rituals to perform when our furbaby dies - sometimes we have to make our own pet memorial.

We hope you find the above suggestions useful. 

With heart shaped with little paws love,


"Your poster artwork gives these angels forever recognition and I just love looking at the posters that you did for me. Makes it a little easier to know they’re never gonna be forgotten! - F.C. a Pink Poster customer

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